Comprehensive Services for International Companies Seeking Buisness in the U.S.

Get the Peace of mind you need when operating in abroad. We will ensure you are set up properly to handle anything that comes your way!

Our Services

Tax Preparation & Compliance

We cover all your tax needs. Individual, Corporate, Partnership, and any accompanying forms. When you work with us you get the peace of mind knowing your business is taken care of.

We Make it easy by walking you through all the requirements and documents that you provide to us, and we take care of everything else. We make sure you are ahead of the curve by sending reminders and newsletters helping educate you on the international environment your business operates in.

LLC / FEIN / Bank Account Set Up

Are you an international business seeking to operate in the United States? We can help you and ensure you are set up perfectly and as quickly as possible. We operate at the highest standards and rely on the most efficient filing options to ensure our clients are prepared and ready to do business in the U. S. ASAP!

We Offer a one stop solution to all your U.S. set up needs. We will cover the set up and the annual taxes. Our attention to detail and level of service is unsurpassed in our industry.

Tax Research

We will ensure we save you as much money as possible by reducing your taxable income via in depth tax research. When you work with us you get a dedicated team at your disposal to make sure you are operating as efficiently as possible.

We research any and all deductions and tax write offs that we can assess and achieve. Our extensive network of clients allows us to leverage different industries and provide a massive catalog of tax experience at our disposal.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Accounting is an essential function in every organization. If you are in need of accounting services, our professional team of accountants will assist you in optimizing your systems and procedures. Our accounting services include, but are not limited to, Financial Statement Preparation, Payroll Processing and Filing and Cash Flow Management.

We will guide you through the preparation of all your statements to make sure you fully understand every line item and detail. We seek to educate as much as we want to service your business and ensure smooth operations.

Business Consulting

Are you forming a new business or planning to sell a business? We provide New Business Formation, Business Valuation and Succession Planning services on a recurring basis. What if your business is opening a new location or service line, or just needs a breath of fresh air? Our Strategic Business Planning services are your solution.

Our network of internal and external experts can help you answer any questions possible. Our specialty is international taxation however we have counterparts in every aspect of the financial industry that can help better serve any needs you may have.

Audits, Reviews, & Compilation

Our Assurance team will help your organization improve its process management and financial landscape. We will understand every aspect of your business, including applicable reporting standards within your industry. By adhering to our professional standards, we will help you identify risks within your internal control environment and proactively resolve all major risk factors.

Our team of experts have services thousands of businesses and help comply with any type of audit you may need. When you work with us you will get maximum assurance through detailed and thorough research and documentation. 

Maximum Security

We operate with the highest standards of security possible. We utilize state of the art servers and secure communications to ensure your documents and information is safe with us.

We believe in our process so much that we actually offer security consulting as well to further enhance the trust of your clients and ensure the future of your business.

Our Rates

Tax Research

Remote Support
$ 50
  • Per Hour

In-Home Or

Business Support
$ 80
  • Per Hour

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